Carvoeiro Redux

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it was extremely hot on that day another beautiful day that view just keeps getting better Monte de Carvoeiro - the night of the Portugal v. Greece Euro 2004 finals
the game is in progress as we eat our dinner came on a stick! Michael summonds the courage to attack his dinner We liked that chair so much, we bought another one
some more pictures of the house all the elements necessary for life we decided to barbecue this night well, to attempt to barbecue
cheers! mmm - fruity "Did you guys bring me to a cowboy bar?" Yes!
a nice picture i never knew there were so many portuguese cowboys this cove had been carved into the rocks by the wind and time Michael and Sean were brave enough to go across
lots of stairs, though Centianes Beach Centianes Beach again Mom buying more pottery
the elusive Carvalho Beach a lot of stairs for this one that rock is cool don't worry, we're not that close to the edge
I swear, EVERY portuguese beach has a cafe! relaxing on Carvalho Beach The first of the Nicola Cafes chillin' on Carvoeiro beach
nice pic of unfinished ceramic lampshades deciding which postcard to send cafe at Sagres walking aroudn Sagres
streets of Sagres last night in Carvoeiro, at the fabulous L'Orange restaurant