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June 12, 2004

Portugal and Euro 2004

euro2004.gifFor those going to Portugal, some disturbing news... apparently British soccer hooligans (who would normally be barred from traveling into Portugal for the European Championships) are flying into Spain and driving across the border - into the Algarve! And many of them are staying in the South.

No border checks on England fans entering Portugal Euro 2004

The Euro 2004 games are over July 4th, and most games are in Lisbon, except for a few matches in Faro (in the Algarve). All of those, however, are over after we arrive. Just in case, you may want to peruse the BBC's article How to be a Football Faker.

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June 08, 2004

Introducing...! A nice way to keep in touch. Stay tuned for info, updates, pictures and announcements. Anyone can post comments below and if you have some news to post, you can either send it to me, and I can post it, or I can set you up with an account and you can post (it's very easy).

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