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August 24, 2004

Mike's Pics

mike.jpgHere are some pictures taken by Michael in Portugal - some appear to be out of order, but there are some good ones. I'm still waiting on pictures from Belinda and Alex, but I will probably get them soon. Enjoy!

Mike's Pics

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August 21, 2004

Sean and Alex in SA

Belinda sent me this picture of Roz, Alex and Sean, from Alex and Sean's recent trip to South Africa. Not sure if they took more pictures, but hopefully, I can post some of those too.

Roz Alex and Sean in SA

Belinda also promised to send me some of her picture from Portugal too.

In other news, I think Michael goes off to San Francisco this week, hopefully, I can post some news from him. I'm not sure when Sean goes to California, but it will probably be soon too.

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August 12, 2004

Portugal pics - finally!

lisbon_pics.jpgWell, I've created some photo albums for Portugal - although I'm missing most of Michael's pictures and all of Belinda's. Also, take note that there are two pages of pictures for each album, the link to the second page is hard to see. Once you select one image, so can click through all of them at hi-res. I've linked to them on the side bar there, but here are the links again:

Carvoeiro 2004
Lisbon 2004

Let me know if you have more pictures to add! And you can contact Dad for higher res for print out.

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