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April 18, 2005

Easter: West Coast Edition

Mom and Dad sent me some pictures. The first two are from Easter at their house. Also, they sent me a picture of Michael and his friend outside his house in Oakland - looks pretty nice to me.

View 'Egg & Spoon Race'

View 'Egg & Spoon Race 2'

View 'Mike's Digs'

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April 15, 2005

Trip to Baltimore

From Flickr:
Ravens Stadium

Ravens Stadium, originally uploaded by nicola.

Just got back from a work trip to Baltimore - it was really fun! See some pictures here - highlights include running around on the field in Ravens Stadium adnd going to the National Aquarium.

Also - pictures from the park near my house.

Meanwhile, Mom has pictures from Easter and San Francisco she is going to send me. Also, I will be traveling to the UK in July for work too.

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