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June 18, 2008

Northwest 2008

From Flickr:
Oregon Coast

Oregon Coast, originally uploaded by nicola.

I've almost finished posting pictures from our roadtrip. In late May, we drove from Seattle to San Francisco, with many fabulous stops in between.

There are a lot of pictures, but I really tried to edit them down and only show you the best of the best. I still haven't gotten the photos from San Francisco yet, but they are coming.

See the whole set here. Or you can jump to a slideshow.

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For your reading pleasure...


Did you know Granny and Grandpa wrote a book? They had a signing at Chevalier's last weekend. My mom got me a copy - I can't wait to read it. Sadly, I have never read any Sherlock Holmes before (for shame!), but I think my extensive knowledge of the Star Trek: TNG episodes that take place on the holodeck will at least allow me to fake it.

You can order the book on amazon.

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June 01, 2008

Sean's Graduation

Click on any of these photos to enlarge:
Sean's Graduation Sean's Graduation Sean's Graduation Sean's Graduation

If you want to see the photos even BIGGER, once you get to Flickr, you should click 'All Sizes' at the top of the photo. You can even get a print quality size!

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