June 18, 2008

For your reading pleasure...


Did you know Granny and Grandpa wrote a book? They had a signing at Chevalier's last weekend. My mom got me a copy - I can't wait to read it. Sadly, I have never read any Sherlock Holmes before (for shame!), but I think my extensive knowledge of the Star Trek: TNG episodes that take place on the holodeck will at least allow me to fake it.

You can order the book on amazon.

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November 19, 2007

Christmas site

The Christmas site is now available! Go to http://xmas.monatfamily.com and you can get started creating your lists.

Hopefully you'll notice that the site works a little differently. It's using a technology approach called Ajax to achieve a more fluid and responsive interface. Please let me know if you have any problems or questions about this. I have tested it on Mac Firefox and Safari as well as Windows XP Firefox and Internet Explorer. If you have Windows Vista, I'm not sure if everything will work, as I haven't tested it with that system.

Also, if you don't like your pictures, feel free to send me a new one. Just make sure its a larger picture and your face is clear and not too tiny.

Again, my email address is nicolamj@gmail.com. I welcome your feedback and comments!

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March 05, 2007

Belinda's Paris Info

From Belinda:

I will be traveling on the evening of the 3rd arriving in Paris on the 4th and leaving on the 9th. Bonnie and her family will be coming in on the same flight (AA 120 from JFK to CDG) but leaving on the 8th. I noticed that it was difficult to get a room on the 9th of October for some reason (must be something exciting happening on the 10th) so if you want to stay longer I suggest coming in a few days earlier.

The plan is to have a birthday party at the Jules Verne on the 6th or the 7th but we have not had final confirmation on which day yet.

As far as hotels go, I suggest the area of Saint Germain Des Pres (6th arrondissement) Here are a few possibilities:

Le Regent - this is where we are currently booked.

Hotel Du Danube this is a little cheaper than Le Regent but also very nice and just around the corner.

Hotel Dauphine St Germain - I haven't stayed here but it looks good and it's close to the other two.

If you want to look at other alternatives, I suggest going to france-hotel-guide.com and searching in the 5th or 6th arrondissements for a 3 star hotel. Another useful site is http://www.pariserve.com/saint-germain.htm. Some of the Hotels you can book online but others you can do via email.

I did find an apart'hotel in the neighborhood but I have not ever stayed there so can't vouch for it. It's pretty close to the hotels above so I can say it's a lovely area. If you want a kitchen, this might be an

Hope this gives you all a good start. It will be fabulous if you can join us! Call or email if you need help or have any questions.

I'd also like to add that my parents usually recommend the Hotel Saint Louis, and I think Sophie and John stayed there.

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May 23, 2006

You are invited...


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November 15, 2004

It's that time again...

tolkien_xmas.jpgYou maybe wondering about the online gift registry - or maybe you're not, I don't know. But here it is again:


Hopefully, the address is a little easier to remember this time. The usernames and password are the same as before (username is just your first name, first letter capitalized), email me if you have any problems remembering your password. If a lot of people have problems, I may just email them out again.

The site is pretty much unchanged, but I did flush out all the list items from last year, so we could start from scratch. I may also be making minor adjustments as we go, but these shouldn't effect you.

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June 08, 2004


monatfamily.com! A nice way to keep in touch. Stay tuned for info, updates, pictures and announcements. Anyone can post comments below and if you have some news to post, you can either send it to me, and I can post it, or I can set you up with an account and you can post (it's very easy).

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