November 19, 2007

Christmas site

The Christmas site is now available! Go to and you can get started creating your lists.

Hopefully you'll notice that the site works a little differently. It's using a technology approach called Ajax to achieve a more fluid and responsive interface. Please let me know if you have any problems or questions about this. I have tested it on Mac Firefox and Safari as well as Windows XP Firefox and Internet Explorer. If you have Windows Vista, I'm not sure if everything will work, as I haven't tested it with that system.

Also, if you don't like your pictures, feel free to send me a new one. Just make sure its a larger picture and your face is clear and not too tiny.

Again, my email address is I welcome your feedback and comments!

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January 29, 2007

Could Berocca be coming to the states??!?

Just saw a NY Times article about everyone's favorite restorative drink:

Bender Fender: A fizzy little tablet to ease last night’s holiday cheer.

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