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September 30, 2007

Plans for Saturday, Oct 6th

Please post below for Plans for Saturday, Oct 6th...

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Plans for Friday, Oct 5th

Please post below for Plans for Friday, Oct 5th...

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Plans for Thursday, Oct 4th

Please post below for Plans for Thursday, Oct 4th...

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Plans for Wednesday, Oct 3rd

Since we're all staying in slightly different places in Paris, I'll be making posts ahead of time for each of the days I know everyone will be there. If you have plans, or even if you think of something that day, please post them in the comments. Or if you're not sure what you want to do, check out the site and see what others are up to.

Please post below for Plans for Wednesday, Oct 3rd...

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September 23, 2007

Variety of Paris Maps

My mom reminded me about Gridskipper, a travel blog from the same people that publish Gawker, Gizmodo, and Defamer (and Lifehacker, Valleywag, etc, etc.). They have some excellent Paris maps:

- Where to eat crepes in Paris
- The Best Restaurants for game in Paris
- The best places for Southwestern French cuisine
- Gift Shopping
- Paris Coffee that doesn't taste like M----
- The Best Paris Drive Bars
- Brunching in Paris

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September 20, 2007

Dali Museum Discount

Belinda wanted me to pass on this 20% discount coupon for the Dali Museum:

Download the Dali Coupon Here

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September 19, 2007

Guide Books

Paris Mini Guide

I find guidebooks to be very helpful when traveling - carrying them with you at all times (discreetly, of course) helps when you spontaneously change your plans, or need to make restaurant reservations.

I prefer the Rough Guides, but since the current Paris Rough Guide is from 2005, and the new edition doesn't come out until Jan 2008, I went with their Mini-Guide. It seems to have everything I need, plus it fits nicely into almost any bag.

Pudlo Paris Guide

Also, I wanted to get a restaurant guide - because I hate wondering around hungry, indecisive about where to eat. Now, I had thought there were only two options in this field: Michelin and Zagat. However, I ended up buying Pudlo Paris. Apparently, this is the guidebook Parisians actually use. It's in its 17th edition, but the first time its being published in English.

If you purchased any guidebooks, what did you buy? It's always good to have a variety.

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September 18, 2007

Visting the Louvre

From Flickr:

Louvre, originally uploaded by Juanillooo.

Not sure if we're going to visit the Louvre (we'll probably go for the D'Orsay instead), but if you are planning on going, you should know these facts:

- The Museum is closed Tuesday.
- You can buy your ticket ahead of time (online or at your local FNAC) and enter the Museum though some of the other, less crowded entrances.
- If you go after 6:00 PM, you'll most likely get a discounted ticket.
- The Museum is free the first Sunday of every month (Oct 7).

Read more at the Louvre's Website.

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