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November 30, 2007

Looking for the perfect Xmas gift?

Consider handmade goods. Etsy.com is the best place to find quality handmade goods of enormous variety. Also, I'm selling a few items there:

Contact me for family discounts - pass it along to your friends!

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November 19, 2007

Christmas site

The Christmas site is now available! Go to http://xmas.monatfamily.com and you can get started creating your lists.

Hopefully you'll notice that the site works a little differently. It's using a technology approach called Ajax to achieve a more fluid and responsive interface. Please let me know if you have any problems or questions about this. I have tested it on Mac Firefox and Safari as well as Windows XP Firefox and Internet Explorer. If you have Windows Vista, I'm not sure if everything will work, as I haven't tested it with that system.

Also, if you don't like your pictures, feel free to send me a new one. Just make sure its a larger picture and your face is clear and not too tiny.

Again, my email address is nicolamj@gmail.com. I welcome your feedback and comments!

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November 12, 2007

Tesco comes to So Cal

From Flickr:
Mmmmeat -- even tripe

Mmmmeat -- even tripe,
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You may have heard that Tesco is coming to the US with a store concept called "Fresh & Easy." They're attempting to get in on the "Ready Meals" market that is huge in the UK (I dream of the Marks and Spencers near Belinda's place in Oxford), but relatively small here in the US (Really only Trader Joe's).

Read more about it in the Economist.

Here's a peek inside one of the stores currently open in So Cal, and a map of current and future stores.

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